• Endodontics (Devitalization)

    Endodontics is the specialty responsible for the study and treatment of dental pulp (tooth nerve), the root canal system, periapical tissues and the diseases that affect them.

    Root canal treatment (root canal) is indicated for the treatment of deep caries, dental fractures, dental trauma, orthodontic trauma, endo-periodontal lesions, and other prosthetic needs endondotics pathologies.

    Keeps the tooth in the mouth cavity, keeping healthy periapical tissues and eliminating pain.


      • Deep cavity

      • Pain

      • Dental fractures

      • Dental trauma

        • Orthodontic trauma

        • Endo-periodontal injuries

        • Prosthetic needs

        • Endodontic conditions
      • Implantology

        The Implantology is related to the study, treatment and prevention of dental-facial dysfunctions.

        The osseointegrated dental implants are pure titanium screws which are inserted in the jaw bone, functioning as fixing dental prostheses to one or more teeth.


      • Pediatric Dentistry

        The Pediatric Dentistry is the specialty that takes care of the oral health of children from breastfeeding to adolescence.

        This specialty aims to preserve the primary teeth (baby teeth), as this is essential for the proper development of the face and the child’s speech.


          • Cavities

          • Abscesses

          • Gum disease

            • Premature loss of baby teeth

            • Stunted bone growth of the jaws

            • Incorrect tooth positioning
          • Orthodontists

            Orthodontics is the specialty of dentistry responsible for the study, prevention and treatment of problems of growth, development and maturation of the face, dental arches and bite, ie dental-facial dysfunctions.

            The alignment and correction of teeth are made by applying visible or invisible apparatus, in order to obtain a good facial harmony.


              • Incorrect tooth positioning

              • Facial bone growth problems

                • Milk teeth not erupted (born)

                • Permanent teeth have not yet erupted
              • Periodontology

                The periodontology is the art that studies and treats diseases of the gums and tooth supporting tissues, such as plaque, gingivitis and periodontitis.

                Gingival plastic surgery

                Gingival plastic surgery is a very important tool to obtain a perfect smile. Through the gingival plastic surgery it is possible to solve the problems of excess gingival tissue covering the crown of the tooth and gingival tissue in the absence of the tooth root is exposed.


                  • Dental plaque

                  • Gingivitis

                  • Periodontitis

                  • Persistent bad taste

                    • Changes in the positioning of teeth

                    • Changes in the way teeth fit together

                    • Presence of “pus” next the teeth
                  • Surgery

                    Surgery is the specialty that aims to treat all pathologies that require surgery, such as simple extractions, extraction of impacted teeth, extraction of teeth above numeraries, cysts and gingival tumors.


                      • Simple extractions

                      • Extraction of teeth enclosed

                      • Extraction of supernumerary teeth

                        • Cysts

                        • Gingival tumors
                      • Occlusion

                        Occlusion is the specialty responsible for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of problems related to malocclusions, or gap between the upper and lower dental arch. And its implications on teeth, gums, bones, muscles, ligaments and temporomandibular joint.


                          • Pain and fatigue of facial muscles

                          • Facial articular pain

                          • Masticatory pain

                            • Cracking in the opening and / or closing the mouth

                            • Difficulty opening and / or closing the mouth
                          • Prostheses

                            Dental prostheses intended to replace missing teeth, to improve the quality of life and recover the smile of the patient.

                            The Dental implants can be classified as:

                            – Unit fixed prosthesis, when you perform a partial or total restoration of the crown of a single tooth;
                            – Fixed partial denture or bridge, when the prosthesis replacing one or more teeth;
                            – Total prosthesis when the prosthesis replaces all the patient’s teeth.


                            • Dental aesthetics

                              The cosmetic dental expertise includes a wide range of treatment aimed at improving the patient’s smile. Dental Aesthetics includes restorations, whitening laser and bright, so that the patient’s smile be perfect and healthy.


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